About Protect IP

Protect IP is a full-service, multi-dimensional IPR investigations, enforcement and risk consulting firm having its headquarters in Gurgaon (NCR region of Delhi), delivering commercially astute services that help you achieve your business goals.To create, manage and protect your valuable intellectual property assets, we offer a wide-spanning gamut of services – from market surveys, identification of lead, lead development through approved investigation techniques, source investigation leading to source of counterfeits, mapping the entire supply chain of counterfeit network, conducting enforcement actions, post raid follow up actions and beyond.

The Protect IP Edge

  • Being accredited with devising, strategizing and driving holistic, anti-counterfeit programs for various large multinational companies, we have in-depth understanding of the landscape and of our client expectations, and offer the following advantages -
  • Excellent teams capable of developing real time intelligence on high value targets apart from being able to develop business intelligence.
  • Qualitative results at competitive costing leading to high ROI.
  • End to end, 24X7 available IP solutions based on specific client requirements.


  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringements
  • Anti-counterfeit investigations and enforcement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Surveys
  • Complete supply chain investigations

Protect IP Solutions LLP

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